My Hair Diary

My Hair Diary 2023 Since 2012, I have been collecting my hair. Over time, the colour and texture of my hair have changed as I have grown older and this is a selection of my hair through a decade. This piece is also accompanied by a text that presents my perspective on hair as a […]

A Whisper Behind the Grand Tour 2022

A Whisper Behind the Grand Tour 2022 The ‘Rethinking the Grand Tour’ project investigates the hidden and voiceless stories behind colonialism in art and culture in Britain. In this statement, I discuss the Hashmi dress, which holds personal meaning for me and tells a story about an object’s history and connection to people’s lives and […]

The Stranger at Home

The stranger at home 2020 During the lockdown, I came across many posts, jokes and comics on social media. I realised that women have become the subject of sniggers and ridicule during the pandemic, whilst this pandemic has also been used as another method to discriminate against and abuse women. I chose one of the […]


The spot is part of the archival footage from a collaborative project with the artist Shero Abbas back in 2015, it is also part of the research project on the women’s plight in Iraqi Kurdistan. Through this work, I decoded the archive to another medium to raise questions about silenced, marginalised and abused women by society and cultural stereotypes […]

A project with women in Huddersfield women centre

The projec with women in exile from Huddersfield women centre Fabric, thread, human hair 2019 This collective piece has been produced in collaboration with women in exile at Women Centre, Kirklees. We come from different international backgrounds, such as Libya, Brazil, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Russia, The Netherlands, and Uzbekistan. These pieces express our feelings through […]

Research project, studio practice 2020

Reflections on the archival material, which has been in progress since 2020. In this series of works, I examine the importance of an untitled archive of women’s experiences in South Kurdistan that was collected by Kurdish archivist and feminist activist Runak. This archive has been hidden for over three decades due to social and political […]

My teen in apice

My teen in a piece 2020 This piece is made for a (Girlhood and later life) research project by Prof Penny Tinkler. The workshop was led by Jenna Ashton from DWAN. This is my teen stories in one piece. Also, this piece includes a text that was part of another exhibition back in 2016.

My mum’s dream secret

My mum’s dream secret  2013 Artist’s hair embroidery on a pillowcase, آحلام سعیدة Sweet Dreams One memory that remains with me is of my mother’s secret dream. When I was a child, I would always be able to recognize my mother’s pillowcase among the seven pillowcases in our home. Hers was unique, with an embroidered phrase […]

Her Voice

Her Voice, 2015 Performance staged for video Medium: Wooden object (made out of a wooden stick and wooden bowl), my hair.                      Creating a handmade object to play with my hair serves as a means of creating sound art and experimental music that engages with gender […]