‘Dictionary of Ease’ Part of the Feminist space project 2021

N for Nipples

Yours are liberated, mine are enslaved
Yours are exposed, mine are covered
Yours are sign of attraction, mine are sign of shame
Yours are accepted, mine are rejected
Yours are yours, mine are not
without fear or apology to the world
I will free mine because…
 yours are pointless, mine are source of life.



One day I was walking the Mawlawi Street, I was so scared of that street hoping to get to the end of the street quickly so the men on that street wouldn’t touch me; I walked panicky because of the male gaze until I got to the end of the street! Then I heard a man who was selling men’s underwear. He was swearing out loud to another man and fighting with him. Suddenly I remembered the day that my underwear got bloody; I was ashamed to tell my mum directly so I wrote it on a piece of paper “Mum, I am bleeding I think I’m on my period please help me” then I hid until the evening out of shame.

When I was 20, my mother used to buy me underwear, sanitary pads, and bras until the day I saw the fighting man. That was the first time that I was in Bazar to buy my stuff by myself.

In the shop, I picked a bundle of sanitary pads up and gave it to the guy behind the cashier, at first he puts it in a clear plastic carry bag but then he decides to put it in a black one. While smiling he says “so that won’t be visible, or it would be a shame”. This was so insulting, it makes me think, why should I be invisible and voiceless?

(Arising) a project at Reykjavik art Museum in Iceland, the project curated by Yoko Ono.

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