Her Voice

Her Voice
Performance staged for video
  Medium: Wooden object (made out of wooden stick and wooden bowl), my hair.                       

Making a handmade object to play with my own hair is to make a sound, sound art and experimental music that are engaged with gender and feminist. , I use my own hair to ‘give voice’ to the experience and culture framing of Kurdish women.  The object is made out of everyday life object which more related to the work of woman in our society such as (Tirok); the wooden stick which use for making Kurdish bread and a bowl. In addition the shape of the both pieces is a metaphor for sexual issue like, falus and cunt which also refer to the architectural aspect of mosque.    This performance (Her voice) is divided on two aspects, firstly the idea behind the work, which is an experimental sound making and it is protest against the patriarchy, depression and devaluating in my country (Iraq). and secondly the function of the object, I use this bowl for Eco and I put my hair (strand) to make sound with my fingers but by time the hair would be cut because of my finger and I will put another strand without take it out from my head to continue my performance.

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