One day I was walking the Mawlawi Street I was so scared of that street, I was hoping that I would get to the end of the street quickly so that the men on that street wouldn’t touch me; I walked panicky because of the male gaze until I got to the end of the street! Then I heard a man shout out loud and curse at another man, whom he was fighting with. He was selling men’s underwear.

Suddenly I remembered the day that my underwear got bloody; I was ashamed so I wrote to my mom on a piece of paper “Mom, I think I’m on my period”. Then I hid myself until the evening out of shame.

When I was 20, my mother used to buy me underwear, sanitary pads, and bras until the day I saw the fighting man. That was the first time that I bought sanitary pads for myself. I picked one up gave it to the guy behind the cashier, at first he puts it in a transparent plastic bag but then he decides to put it in a black one. While smiling he says “so that is not visible, or it will be a shame”. This made me feel like I should not be visible; I should be voiceless and invisible just because I’m a woman, which is why today I use my own works to make women in Kurdistan visible.


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 (Arising) at Reykjavik art Museum in Iceland, the project curated by Yoko Ono.