Kani Kamil

She is an Iraqi Kurdish artist, who was born in Iraq and lives and works in United Kingdom. Currently a member of  ‘Travelling Heritage Bureau’ group in Manchester:  A project by Digital Women’s Archive North (DWAN).

 Her works reflect the controversial issues of gender and social equality in her native country, using her gender experiences to critique the absence of women’s voices. she is interested in digging for the hidden stories that needs to remember. Her works aim to expose the relationship between nature and culture, and the construction of gender in society. Kani produces works in photography, installation, needle-work, video and sound, and frequently used her own hair as a material. Kani holds a Masters Degree from Middlesex University London, with Sonia Boyce as a tutor.


2013 Middlesex University London, Master in Fine art.
2006 University of Sulaimany college of fine art, BA Ceramic, Sulaimany/Iraq

Group Exhibition


  • Upcoming project ( Feminist Space ), collaboration project with University of
    Huddersfield and women centre in Huddersfield.
  • Upcoming project ( Everyday Object) , collaboration project with University of
    Huddersfield and Kate Smith.


  •  Group exhibition (Still I rise) at Manchester art gallery, directed by Yusra Warsama, Manchester.
  •  Group exhibition of (The Traveling Heritage Bureau) artists in  Alice Kettle project (Thread Bearing witness )at Whitworth art gallery/ Manchester.
  • (A ROOM OF ONE’S OWN) an exhibition by Traveling Heritage Bureau, The Alexandria Library, Manchester, curated by Jenna C. Ashton. 
  •  (Sloweness) at ( TRAFO , trafostacji art in szczecin) , Poland, curated by Aneta Szylak
  • (The Traveling Heritage Bureau) HOME gallery/ Manchester, curated by Jenna C. Ashton. 


  • (contemporary visions | Video art in loop) worldwide, curated by Roberto Ronca.


  • (Clamor) at institute of fine art Sulaimany/Iraq, the project curated by Sherko Abbas.
  • Group show at the Kurdish House in London, curated by Kosha Hussain.
  • (Homunculus) Asylum Caroline Garden’s chapel in London, curated by Rikha Samir.
  • (Arising) at Reykjavik art Museum in Iceland, the project curated by Yoko Ono working with women in an installation produced from testaments of harm and their eye’s photo.


  • (18th international open) at (WMG) woman made gallery, Chicago. Curated by New Zealand artist Gill Gatfield.


  • (When the Wild instrument sing) the performance initiated by visual artist Sherko Abbas at Goldsmith University London.
  • (Julia Mddison on her Used boots and panties) at Vyner street gallery, London.
  • (Sexism) at Indra and Samia gallery, London.
  • (Stop the war) at Indra nad Samia Gallery, London.


  • participated in the MA fine art show at Middlesex University, London.
  • (Eye-Eye) at Mile End art pavilion gallery, London, curated by  Jeremy Akerman.
  • (Out of this world) fine art student show at Middlesex university, curated by Farhana Hussain and Michelle Brown, London.


  • group show for sculpture and Ceramics, Arbil/ Iraq
  • (Forth festival of college of art) at Sulaimany University, Sulaimany.


  • (Women’s international Day) at Tawar Hall in Sulaimany.