” Bury me in a blue blanket, so God does’t know I am a girl” Andrea Gibson , 2018


 inspired by the poet Andrea Gibson.   The piece considers themes of gender discrimination, inferiority, oppression and ‘the womb that never produced blue’. it is the hidden story from my mother’s memory. This project is in progress.


Look down at the ground!   2013… Photo, ongoing project

I barely walking with my head up, I get use to it as I have been told by my mum to have my head down “Because it is a shame women walking with her head up!”  But, I found a different world on the ground, there is too many objects has a different stories belongs to a variety of peoples. So I live with these objects, take a photo of them sometimes collect them, this is my world.


SHUSH… 2018

                                                                            SHUSH…  still from video( duration 4 min)   

Every society has some degree of censorship, which it carries out by its normal means of social organization and control. In a military dictatorship, censorship is exercised by the military; in a communist country, by the “dictatorship of the proletariat;” in a market driven society, by market forces, though the state may be necessary if these do not suffice. Women who write on issues of state politics are silenced by the same means used to silence men in opposition, though, in practice, even these forms of censorship are affected by gender. But gender-based censorship, as we see it, is much broader and more pervasive than this official, organized suppression. It is embedded in a range of social mechanisms that mute women’s voices, deny validity to their experience, and exclude them from the political discourse. Its purpose is to obscure the real conditions of women’s lives and the inequity of patriarchal gender relations, and prevent women writers from breaking the silence, by targeting women who don’t know their place in order to intimidate the rest. “Meredith Tax”


Lose it or Give it away 2016

12×10 cm  hair embroidery on canvas

part of ( Imago Mundi) project ,In between worlds Kurdish contemporary artist.













Her Voice 2015

 Performance staged for video
Medium: Wooden object (made out of wooden stick and wooden bowl), my hair.

Making a handmade object to play with my own hair is to make a sound, sound art and experimental music that are engaged with gender and feminist. , I use my own hair to ‘give voice’ to the experience and culture framing of Kurdish women. My work is addressing violence against women and their oppression and a reaction to patriarchy.
The object is made out of everyday life object which more related to the work of woman in our society such as (Tirok); the wooden stick which use for making Kurdish bread and a bowl. In addition the shape of the both pieces is a metaphor for sexual issue like, falus and cunt which also refer to the architectural aspect of mosque.
This performance (Her voice) is divided on two aspects, firstly the idea behind the work, which is an experimental sound making and it is protest against the patriarchy, depression and devaluating in my country (Iraq). and secondly the function of the object, I use this bowl for Eco and I put my hair (strand) to make sound with my fingers but by time the hair would be cut because of my finger and I will put another strand without take it out from my head to continue my performance.


My mum’s dream secret 2013

7 pillow cases, embroidery with my hair


One of the memory that still live inside me is my mum’s dream secrets,In my childhood I always recognize my mum’s pillow cover between all the 7 pillow cases of my family, my mum’s was different there was a phrase on it (Sweat Dream).When I grow up my mum’s pillow case it still the frame on it but this time is handmade! Because of the pillow case which is the phrase on it no longer been sell at the stores so my mum sew it by hand on her pillow the same phrase, and it is remain as a secret belong to my mum because she does not want to tell anyone about it.   


Feminin Activity 2013


Masculine Hanger 2013

wooden hanger, my hair strands


In general Human hair is an important aspect of my art, in particular my own hair which reveal in many levels through my art practice. Hair as an involuntary product of human body which is represent politics, gender, fetish, abjection, memory and uncanny when transformed into separate element from body. Moreover, hair for me is a powerful and a controversial material to use; revealing hair is the main point for me to present it in my works However, remaking a traditional production from my own hair which is a specific kind of fabric called “Shall” is to blur the boundaries between “nature and culture” . The preparation process of a raw material for shall which is made of animal’s hair (goat and sheep) and making thread from that hair in order to make a piece of fabric which use to make all by women at home and It’s just unpaid domestic work they have been exploit to produce a piece of fabric. In one hand women represent as a working with nature, while buying and selling as working with economy are all by men as a culture process.


Was Washed 2012

fabric, embroidery with my  hair